Books to Help Children Not Fear the Dentist


Taking your child to the dentist for the first time or anytime can be scary for them, and challenging for you. It’s very important to teach good oral care habits to your child at a young age. We want children to have a more positive view of going to the dentist.  Preventing and improving the fear associated with dental visits is important in encouraging proper oral health.  Adults who are not afraid to go to the dentist are more likely to keep up with regular visits and be proactive in the care of their teeth.  Parents can play a vital role by helping your child not be afraid of the dentist

To help you educate them on the experience and subdue some of their fears, we’ve picked out a handful of books about teeth and the dentist. Links to for each will open if you click on the image of the book, but you can find these at any of your other favorite book retailers as well.


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